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ART 7500MATERIAL INDEFORMABLE-Breastfeeding cushion with ergonomic shape made of injected viscoelastic polyurethane -Serves mainly for sleeping during pregnancy, facilitating the comfort of the mother and avoiding excessive pressure on the tummy -Once the baby is born, it facilitates breastfeeding in a lying position avoiding contractures and back pain -Thanks to the memory foam it provides comfortable breastfeeding, reducing neck and back stiffness and relieving arm pain -It is also used as a cradle reducer -It is also used to reduce back pain -It is also used to reduce back pain. Thanks to the memory foam provides breastfeeding comfortably reducing neck stiffness, back and relieving arm pain.-It is used as a crib reducer.-It is also used to surround the baby while sleeping in a bed and prevent it from rolling out of the bed.SEVERAL MODELS AVAILABLE TO BUY

ART: 7600Bidensity Polyurethane backrest, made with Viscolelastic foam in the support area that adapts anatomically to provide an excellent feeling of comfort when lying down to read, watch TV or rest and with high resilience foam to provide support.

ART 6080Indicated to improve lumbar lordosis rest. The backrest compensates for the space between the sacrum and the dorsal vertebrae. Ideal for people who drive vehicles and/or remain seated for long periods.zippered cover, easy to remove for cleaning.Product composition: – High Resilience Polyurethane. – Density: 90 Kg/m3 BUY

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Decorative mirrors are objects that reflect almost all light. They are available as one-piece mirrors as well as openwork mirrors, providing the ideal lightness for a particular decoration. We manufacture in solid wood with different finishes both varnished and lacquered. We put at your disposal a wide range of colors practically unlimited since we have a wide range of…

Enjoy the warmth and softness of this table linen with triple thick stain resistant fabric. Made with high quality fabric, its three layers of thickness generate a pleasant feeling of warmth.

Comfort products to ensure a restful and pleasant rest. Discover our range of mattresses carefully selected to provide you with the rest you need. We offer you sheets and duvet covers so you can dress the bed according to your decoration, bases, bed bases and folding beds in different sizes to suit any corner of your home.

We have a wide range of home appliances. Find your appliance at the best price among high quality products carefully selected from the best brands in the market, from coffee makers, microwaves, refrigerators and ovens for your kitchen to televisions, computers and computer accessories for your office. Do not miss the opportunity to buy at the best price, take advantage of our exclusive offers and take home the best products! Official manufacturer’s warranty.

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The store, located in C / Real Oviedo No. 4, stands out for its bold use of color and prints, which is why it is an obligatory stop for passersby in the area, and its windows do not go unnoticed.

You will find it in the Rue Demoge Zac, No. 85, in one of the commercial complexes of the city. There you will be able to see and try the emblematic models of Fama Sofas, as well as all the novelties of the season. There you will be helped in a totally personalized way by our experts in the world of the sofa, so that your decision will be…

Located in Zac de L’Estreniol, Av. Joel Pilon promises not to leave you indifferent. It has a wide exhibition of models of the Fama brand, in addition to an extensive range of armchairs, side tables, chairs and other items that will allow you to dress your home.

We think about your comfort and relaxation at home and not only spend a lot of time on the couch. The time you spend sitting in a chair is also important, so we create comfortable and beautiful chairs ready to adapt to your needs. Enjoy them!

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We are going to change your mind about sofa beds. You will hardly notice the difference with a normal sofa. All our sofa beds are original Italian opening, this means that you can open them easily. With steel structure mechanism with electro-welded mesh and solid wood, it includes a HR foam mattress to rest comfortably.

We have a wide range of furniture to dress up your living room and bedroom whether you are looking for a Nordic, vintage, mid-century, industrial or timeless style. Sideboards, coffee and dining tables, bookshelves, desks and quality auxiliary furniture, which will give that final touch you were looking for.

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