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Morat, Juanes – Besos En Guerra

2. When something surprises you strongDe Janice: “OOH MYYYY GOD’! And if you saw it in Spanish: “Oooh Dioos míooo! Of course, always with a little tone. 3. When you justify yourself for something but you really feel guiltyDe Ross: “We were on a break! It’s a ‘random’ phrase that fits in any context even if it’s not related. 4. When you talk about sex with your girlfriendsFrom Monica: “Seven, seven, seven! If you don’t say this one, you’ll repeat it from now on: remember the 7 points of female pleasure that Monica explained to Chandler.

11. When you want to act cool in front of Phoebe’s crush: “When I come in, make you laugh at something super funny I said”. This one, if you’ve said it less, it’s time to say it more, a perfect Phoebe strategy to make the person she was crushing on think she was funny (by the way, have you heard about the urban legend of an alternate ending to the show, because of Phoebe?).12. Joey’s mythical and most popular line, how many times have you said it or been told it?

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Aitana x Zzoilo – Mon Amour REMIX (Letra/Lyrics)

⇒| The nights are long because you’re not with me. On this day that you’re so far away, I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart that you’re the best thing I have. Sleep well my princess, I will never stop loving you.

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